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Safety drills continue this month

TAVARES – The district’s Safety and Security department is teaming up with schools across Lake County this month to provide continued training to help keep students and staff safe.


For years, Florida Statutes have required schools to incorporate fire and tornado drills into the school day. Now, that requirement also includes active shooter drills. The goal is the same: to help students and staff practice the appropriate responses during an emergency.


By statute, active shooter drills must be held at least twice a year at every Lake public school. Our first drills were held in October. Our next set of drills will be held this month (March 2019). We will continue teaching students with age-appropriate materials how to safely respond in an active shooter emergency. The drills will begin shortly after the training. Our district safety specialist and law enforcement will attend every drill.


As with other drills, the dates will not be announced in advance. However, principals will send home a letter or deliver a call-out message after a drill has taken place so parents can continue the safety discussion at home.