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IN THE NEWS: Villages Elementary celebrates 20 years!

The Villages Elementary of Lady Lake celebrated its 20th anniversary with a ceremony and festivities at the campus on Rolling Acres Road. The Villages Daily Sun newspaper covered the event, which featured staff members, volunteers and community partners from when the school first opened. Former students came back to celebrate as well. 

Sixteen of the original staff members remain at the school, which has grown by about 200 students since the day it opened in 1999. 

The newspaper reported that when the school opened, students filled a time capsule with various items, including Pokemon cards and a page signed by school workers. School officials buried the capsule during the dedication  then recovered it in 2012 when the original kindergarten class graduated high school. To follow the tradition, a time capsule was filled on Friday, March 8, 2019. It will be opened in 2032 when the current kindergarten class graduates high school. 

Learn more about the celebration and the school in the Saturday, March 9, edition of The Villages Daily Sun.