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2017-2018 School Uniforms

Beverly Shores Elementary School Uniform Policy


Tops:  Students are expected to wear red, white or navy blue polo-style shirts with collars.  School Grade Level Spirit shirts will be allowed on Fridays.  These shirts are also worn on Field Trips and Field Day.

Pants/shorts/skorts: Students are expected to wear khaki, navy, or black pants, shorts or skorts.  Skorts and shorts must be no shorter than mid-thigh NOTE:  Mid-thigh is defined as while a student is in the seated position, measure halfway from the top of the leg (the crease your hip makes when seated) to the outside of the bent knee. In a standing position, whatever students are wearing should be longer than the mid-thigh mark when standing. 

Belts will be worn with all bottoms that have belt loops. 

Footwear: Closed shoes, sneakers with socks, or closed toe sandals with back straps must be worn at all times on campus.

Friday’s OnlyJeans may be worn on Friday’s only with a School Grade Level Spirit T-shirt

We expect all students to follow the Uniform Policy.  All clothing must be worn appropriately and properly fastened with no tears that reveal skin two (2) inches above the knee. Skin-tight recreation clothing (e.g., bike pants, tights, leotards, leggings, etc.) shall not be worn.

NOTE: School Administrators reserve the right to determine interpretation of all dress code items.  Dress code rules may be modified or added as necessary by the school officials.  Dress code violations will be treated as a disciplinary infraction.

For your convenience, we have established a partnership with a vendor to provide quality polo-shirts and/or t-shirts with logos.  Please remember grade level shirts may only be worn on Fridays. Collared shirts must be worn Monday through Thursday.  The cost of the shirts will be 3 for $20.00.  

The school year starts on August 10th and will be excited to see all of our students in uniform and ready to learn.  Enjoy your summer and feel free to contact us, if you need any further information.

Ms. Monica M. Gordon

Proud Principal