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HOSA Regional Competition Winners - 3 First Place Winners

I wanted to give the info from competition so we could send out some kudos to our kids! They absolutely ROCKED regionals this year!!! First time EVER Booker has had a student take 1st place and he had three events receive it!!!

Here is the list of competitors who placed at Regionals on Saturday – they will be going forward to the State Competition on March 28th – 30th

And…as an add – if anyone wants to donate to HOSA – they will need to raise almost $6,000 between now and then in order to go…


Keiana Davidson – 1st place for Pathophysiology

Lillian Paquette and Jayla Woods – 1st place for a Career Board on Forensic Pathology

Gustavo Perez and Cheyanne Buchannon – 1st place for EMT skills

Lillian Paquette – 2nd place for testing on Medical Law and Ethics

Alyssa Mazzuca – 3rd place for testing in Medical Terminology

Julian Hernandez – 3rd place for CNA skills

Noelia Rodriguez, Christian Ikensaa and Shashwat Joseph – 3rd place for H.O.S.A. Bowl