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Username and Password Help

LMH Hawk
      Students that are enrolled at Lake Minneola High School are provided with an Office 365 account, an email, and password. Listed below are the basic formula our username/email address follows along with the student password. This formula is altered when a student has a common name (example: John Smith). When multiple students in the county hold the same name, students are given numbers. The only way your NEW student (to county) would know this would be to see Mrs. Arons or Mrs. Carlson (Media Center).
      We have found recently that some freshman have to have their passwords reset, if this is the case for your student, please have them see Mrs. Arons in the Media Center. Also, students that have just been enrolled will have a delay in the creation of their account. 
Username and Password Formula
Username  is last name up to 10 characters (dot) first name up to 6 characters (Example: arons.kelsey)
 Password: the students 10 digit ID number (3523949600)
Email Address: (Example -
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