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We ARE a Uniform School for 2018-2019


Fruitland Park Elementary
Dress Code Policy


Fruitland Park Elementary School adheres to a strict dress code for our faculty and students.  Dress affects student attitude and the learning environment of others and we expect FPES students to dress for success.  The established dress code encourages a feeling of belonging and team spirit as well as pride in good grooming and appearance.  Additionally, it ensures the safety and well-being of all students and promotes a positive learning environment.

Acceptable uniform clothing includes the following:


  • Knit polo style, collared and un-collared shirts, t-shirts or tutlenecks in solid colors
  • Official Fruitland Park t-shirts, sweatshirts, JAG, and other Lake County Schools paraphernalia
    *Please note that tucked in shirttails are preferred.


  • Shorts, pants, shirts, skorts, jumpers, and culottes in one solid color - white, navy, black, or khaki (no sweats, knit, velour, or denim material/fabric).
  • Jeans may be worn on Fridays as we celebrate "spirit day".  Shirts still should be solid colors.  Belts are preferred but optional.


  • Solid colors in white, navy, black, and khaki.


  • Tennis shoes or shoes with an enclosed heal are preferred.  Sandals must have a heel strap.


  • Warmth and health of the students is most important; therefore, when the temperatures fall below 50 degrees, jeans are acceptable.