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School attendance cannot be sressed enough.  It is critical that your child is at school each day.  The curriculum and expectations are rigorous.  One day of missed instruction has a lasting effect on a child, and it is difficult to completely recover or make up missed instruction.  We have 180 school days to provide the best learning opportunity for your child, and all of them are important.

Attendance is one of the early warning indicators that we track that has a detrimental impact on student achievement.  Habitual absences lead to truancy, and truancy leads to a lower possiblity of student success.  If you want your child to have the maximum opportunity for success, please make sure s/he is in school.  The teacher's job is to instruct, the student's job is to learn, and the parent's job is to support the teaching and learning.

Attendance matters!

Please open the link below for additional information related to the importance of attendance.

The month of September is Attendance Awareness Month.  The district slogans are: TEAM UP FOR ATTENDANCE and ARRIVE! STRIVE! THRIVE!


Thank you!