Project Linus

                                                                 Project Linus

We wanted to let everyone know that we completed our fourth grade community service project right before fall break. It was perfect timing, and in the season of giving back.  Project Linus is a foundation that gives blankets to children in need. This year the blankets were specifically designated to go to the children attending the Snowball Express at Disney, which is a camp for children of fallen military parents, post 9/11. Again this timing was great following Veterans Day.  Mrs. Mingoia the project coordinator for Central Florida’s Project Linus Chapter came to RLC to pick up 78 blankets made by our fourth grade classes! We actually walked them out to her car, and loaded them up.


Thank you to our RLC family for all of your support whether it was buying lollipops, spreading the word, or putting up with the sticky fingers coming back from lunch with a lollipop in hand! We truly appreciate your support!


      Mrs Woods Class                      Motl's Class

                                                             Names of fallen soldiers/ Parents

Project Linus Ceremony